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Terms Of Service

PSTN & VOIP telecoms

Version 1.0 01/04/2014

PSTN Telecoms Terms

Voice Over IP ("VOIP") Telephony Services

Any order for VOIP telephony services which is accepted by the Company is conditional on you acknowledging that the service:
a) may not offer all the features or resilience you may expect from a conventional phone line: and
b) is not a Publicly Available Telephony Service (PATS) and as a result may sometimes be limited, unavailable or disrupted due to events beyond the Company's control e.g. power disruptions, failures or the quality of the broadband connection.

You agree when we provide Voice over IP telephony services that:
a) you are responsible for maintaining up to date location details on our VOIP portal for the use of the emergency services;
b) if you use the service outside the United Kingdom you may not be connected to United Kingdom emergency services when dialling 999 or 112;
c) emergency operators may not be able to identify your telephone number in order to call you back if the call either cannot be completed, is dropped or disconnected, or if you are unable to speak to tell them your phone number and/or if the service is not operational for any reason, and emergency operators may also not be able to hold your line open in the event that you hang up;
d) you understand and accept that you should always have an alternative means of accessing 999 or 112 emergency services as your ability to make 999 or 112 emergency calls cannot be guaranteed and emergency calls may fail if there is a power failure or broadband connection failure;
e) you understand and accept that if we suspend or terminate the service you may not be able to dial 999 or 112.

Please note: by signing up for any of our services you agree to be bound by all TandyUK Terms and Conditions.

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